About Us

Comfort + Chic = Confident 

The above equation is exactly the kind of connect we aim at developing with our customers. Couper & Coll, think beyond colours, is a credible clothing line which caters to the taste of all kinds of men and women by putting across a range of cost effective, comfortable, chic and crisp wearable to opt from.

We are extremely clearheaded in our approach of growing into a creative & customary brand. The objective is to simply bridge the gap between capable designers & customers who are looking for something charismatic to add to their wardrobe. Our commitment & cooperation towards our customers matters the most to us as we care at respecting them for the trust that they entail upon us. 

We encourage unique ideas of fresh designers by converting them into everyday wearable for our customers at an affordable price and making sure that our employee gets the much deserved recognition for it as well.

Customer satisfaction being our prime focus keeps intact our motto of staying courteous & consistent to them.